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Relay for LoRaWAN

Range extender for 16 LoRa end devices

Internal 3 dBi antenna

LoRaWAN L2 1.0.4

LoRa Relay TS011-1.0.0 compliant

Region AU915 – 915 MHz (Brazil)

Configuration via Bluetooth

USB-C charger

Internal battery for power backup > 24 h


LoRaWAN counter

LoRaWAN Relay Ready

LoRaWAN L2 1.0.4

4 channel counter plus tamper

Internal 3 dBi antenna

Configuration via Bluetooth

For gas or water metter

Regions AU915-915 MHz (Brazil), EU863-870 (Europe), US902-928 (USA)

Retentive counters

2 or 3 x AA battery operated

Up to 3 years power autonomy

Up to 22 dBm output power

Rich set of configurable parameters

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